Mordan leads, circa early to mid 19th century, 0989.jpg














Mordan leads (2), circa 1840,  sterling 7/8" high,  excellent condition, 0937.jpg  (the first, ex Poole collection)


Mordan cedar pencil refills, late 19th century,  2 1/2" closed, ,  excellent condition, 0959.jpg


UB lead refills, mid 19th century,  1 1/2" closed, ,  excellent condition, 1029.jpg




Lund leads, circa 1840,  top one is 1 ¼” high, leather,  second from bottom is unopened, excellent condition, 1000.jpg 


A.W. Faber Pencil box, circa 1850’s,  7” long, excellent condition -, 1015.jpg 


Quill nibs, circa 1820s/30s,  1 3/4” high, excellent - condition, 1001.jpg (see Finlay pp. 127 #131c & 125 #125a) 


Quill nibs (2 boxes), circa 1820s/30s,  1 1/4” high, pristine/sealed unopened condition  , 1017.jpg   



Mordan quill nibs, circa 1820s/30s,  1 ¼” sqyare, excellent condition but some label loss, 0997.jpg (see Finlay pp. 127 #131c & 125 #125a) 





UB quill slip case, circa 1800 , steel, 2 1/2"  closed, "Navigarione Generale Italiana" excellent condition, 0907.jpg


Vale (?) quill slip case, 1841 , sterling sliver , 2 3/4"  closed, Chester hallmarked 1841 ‘C’, worn makers mark "V&R" (Vale or possibly V&J) excellent condition, 0964.jpg



two quill boxes with quills, circa second half of 19th century , boxes are 8” long,  Windsor has 9 new quills, Watkins has 7 new quills excellent condition, 1008.jpg


quill box with quills, circa second half of 19th century , 10” long,  6  new quills and 1 used, good condition, 1016.jpg



two quill boxes, circa second half of 19th century , top box is 8” long,  Moses Cohen has 1 new and 3 used quills, Brandauer’s  has no  quills excellent condition, 1008.jpg



UB quill case with 17 new quills, second half of 19th century. Leather case is 12” long, quills are extra long, 10 ½” excellent condition, 1010.jpg


UB quill case with 6 quills, second half of 19th century.  Leather case is 7 ½” long, excellent - condition, 1050.jpg







Francis Mordan Advertising piece, a sewing block (for initialing handkerchiefs etc),  3" wide, excellent condition, 0938

UB Paper Opener, circa mid 19th century, tortoise shell ,  9 ½” long, good- condition, 0953.jpg


UB glue brush, circa 1835, ivory ,  4” long, excellent condition, 0971.jpg


UB 16 toothpicks in original string bindings, circa early/mid 19th century, quill ,  2 +” long, excellent condition, 0968.jpg


UB French  toothpick holder, circa 1860s, silver embossed with flowers,  2 ¼” (closed), excellent condition, 0983


Maycock (American), Trade Coin, circa 1837, copper, “[eagle] / 1837” “S. MAYCOCK & Co. 35 CITY HALL PLACE N / EVERPOINTED / PENCIL CASE / MANUFACTURER / SAM L MAYCOCK / JOHN HAGUE”, excellent condition, 0981.jpg


MacNiven & Cameron, Trade Coin, circa mid 19th century (while on its face it appears to date to the 18th century, it does not), copper “[George III head with latin surround]” “MACNIVEN & CAMERONS . PENS . ARE THE BEST ./ WAVERLY / NILE / PICKWICK / OWL / HINDO / PENS”, good condition (heavy wear), 0980.jpg

ved with a thistle 4 1/2", excellent condition, 0622.jpg