John C. Loring passed away October 7th, 2009

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Specially imprinted pens (and pencils) for use by the President, Vice President and the White House began with the Truman Administration in the late 1940s.  Several years ago I became interested in them and can confidently say that since then I have accumulated the largest extant, and nearly complete, collection of them.  A few years ago I wrote a monograph based on that collection  and have kept it up to date with a web page ,  Prior to the book I wrote a couple articles about Presidential Pens which may still be of interest, a general introduction, at:   and another specifically devoted to the Nixon Administration, at :

More recently I have decided to end my personal collection and recording with then Clinton Administration.  The reasons are several fold, that cutoff represented a tidy ’50 Years’ of  Presidential Pens, it encompasses the era of Parker Pen Company dominance (which has now ended with the move of its pen production overseas), to be candid I got tired of ‘eBay dealers’ all too frequent misrepresentation of pens in this area, and being comfortable that I have for all intents and purposes formed a complete collection, the excitement is gone.  I will continue to report new finds in the TrumanClinton period, which seem to pop up a few times a year and one of these days intend to revise and update my earlier monograph, probably in CD ROM form for the historical record.  In the interim should you have any questions about Presidential Pens please feel free to contact me:


Since I have essentially stopped actively collecting I only have a few offerings in this area, but such as they are I set them out below.


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0XTRA cleaning up my office I came across a few more extra pens, they are shown and priced on the scan.

045 rare Turn of Century Teddy Roosevelt Campaign glass dip pen (glass barrel underneath the nib holder is broken but the piece displays fine) - $200

044 rare 1928 Hoover Campaign Sheaffer fountain pen engraved HOOVER 1928 - $300

030 rare JFK / LBJ Parker ‘45’ Demonstrator – this is a Parker ‘45’ Demonstrator Fountain Pen with an Eagle seal, it is believed that a group of these pens were made up for the JFK White House for possible use as bill signers, while there is no suggestion that they were ever used as such by JFK, it is reliably reported by an eyewitness that President Johnson subsequently used these Demonstrators at a bill signing the eyewitness attended, this would make the Eagle seal imprinted '45' Demonstrator the first, and by the far the rarest,  Parker Bill Signer   (simply as a pen collectible, without the seal, the Parker ‘45’ Demonstrator trades in the $150 range at pen shows)  - $1,000

022 Agnew silver & black short barrel office/gift ball point (page 31) - $35

050 Clinton boxed Sheaffer fountain pen & roller ball set available in two imprinting styles, one set is imprinted with Clinton's signature and the Presidential seal and the other set is imprinted with "The White House" and the Presidential seal (page 74) - $100 for either set or $175 for the pair.

051 rare Clinton Kwik Klik ball pen with presidential seal and “Bill Clintonsig, only three or four of these pens are known - $75


052 rare Clinton boxed First Bill Signer, Matt Blue “Bill Clintonsig Parker Insignia Ball Pen in Presidential Seal only presentation box – this style was used briefly at the beginning of the first administration until Black “William” Insignia Pens arrived with seal and signature presentation boxes.  Few of the matt blue pens are known & only a couple dozen of the boxes -- $350