Historical Presidential Pen Related Items

A gold mechanical pencil from the 1840 Harrison presidential campaign, the first known specially 'imprinted' (in this case the log cabin cap) presidential related writing implement:

harrison.jpg (110568 bytes)


A quill pen used by English Prime Minister Gladstone in 1868:

Gladstone Qull.jpg (225217 bytes)

Now here is a Presidential Pen to lust for the Lincoln bill signer used for the Emancipation Proclamation:

hayespen.jpg (35872 bytes)

President Taft – unimprinted bill signer:

Photos of a 1933 unimprinted FDR billsigner:


Letter only:

Two letters & pens dating to 1971 responding to pen requests from VP Agnew and former Pres LBJ

P.1 HST -   3 unimprinted dip pens used by HST for bill signing

 trumanpenpicture.jpg (39294 bytes)



Below: a framed set of LBJ bill signers Presented to Irving H. Sprague upon leaving his LBJ White House position. 

Mr. Sprague was LBJs assistant for Congressional Relations from 2/1/67 - 9/27/68.

JFK & LBJ using the Esterbrook bill signer in the oval office:


1959 photo of Senator JFK with Silvercraft "SENATOR" ball pen

 jfk-59-senatepen.jpg (31967 bytes)