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The Presidential Pen - the first fifty years

UPDATE PAGE (5/14/08)

For scans of important historical Presidential Pen related documents & pens

including the Lincoln bill signer used for the Emancipation Proclamation see: penbookupdateAPPENDIX.html

See also a series of articles I have done for first year of STYLUS magazine (published by the International Wristwatch Magazine).

Note:  It appears that the Joseph Lipic Pen Company of St. Louis, Missouri was, at least in the early ‘80s, the manufacturer of Ready Riter pens.  The Lipic company has been around for some time and was an early producer of promotional pens, selling imprinted dip pens (non presidential) as early as 1914.

Note:  re: Truman, from the 10/6/'47 issue of Time Magazine: "

" Like everyone else, Harry Truman had his worries; as President he had more than the normal share. But nothing seemed to dampen his resilient spirits. Last week he was having the time of his life passing out two boxes of shiny new pens, the gift of an anonymous admirer. On each was stamped the same inscription he uses on his match folders: "I swiped this from Harry S. Truman." "

& from the 2/7/'49 issue of Time Magazine: "In between getting bills ready for Congress (see below) and holding a reception for 128 foreign diplomats and wives in Blair House, Harry Truman found time for a list of visitors ranging from ten Blue Star Mothers to Roman Catholic Archbishop Yu-pin of Nanking. A delegation from the American Radio Relay League dropped by, another from the National Association of Postmasters. The President gave a group of Colgate University students a brief lecture on honesty in politics, and then handed each of them a pen which said, "I swiped this from Harry S. Truman." "

Note: a bit of Parker/White House history -the late John W. Gibbs was the Parker salesman (later independent sales representative) who dealt with the White House for Parker from LBJ through Clinton.  He recalls that in just one of LBJs early years in office the White House bought in 60,000 pens.  Gibbs was responsible for the Parker titanium '75' "moon dust" fountain pen used by Nixon for three presidential gifts in the course of his first trip to China, subsequently he was responsible for supplier the handful of specially engraved Parker '75' sterling silver fountain pens used for treaty signings by Ford through Reagan and the Duafolds used for that purpose by Bush.  Gibbs' White House responsibilities went beyond merely selling pens and for all administrations he worked with the Parker Janesville factory to develope prototype pens for White House consideration.

NOTE:  I do not intend to cover the post - Clinton administrations.   I will continue to update this page from time to time with additions and corrections for the Truman through the Clinton administrations, i.e. the first 50 years.

Lastly an important reminder re: supposed JFK (but really LBJ) Esterbrook Bill Signer pens continue to be offered on eBay often for several hundreds of dollars, see below generally.


P.2 Truman Reynolds ball point with letter:

A Truman travel pencil:


P 2 Post Pres Truman & letter - orange barrel/black cap, clip imprinted Gift Riter "I SWIPED THIS / FROM / HARRY S. TRUMAN"

p.2 anouther post presidential ball point:

p. 2 an all brown  Rite Point Pencil:   This pencil has an all brown body  and the upper barrel is about a 1/4" shorter then the blue & white version.  Most importantly it has no imprinting on the barrel and unlike the blue & white picture, the picture on the all brown version is slightly smaller in size and has HSTs autograph below.  Both pencils bear identical patent imprintings and identical clips. 

 dde-2ballpens.jpg (21361 bytes)

p.4 two DDE ball pens.  Top pen is a Papermate ball pen with gold color metal cap, white barrel and engraved in gold  block letters DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER.  Bottom pen is a BB Bel-Air ball pen with a silver color metal cap, marroon barrel engraved in light gold block letters DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER (the BB Bel-Air ball pen model dates to circa 1957)

A possible presidential or post presidential DDE Parker ballpoint:



                                    (note: #2A 37mm 'worn gold' has also been found with white imprinting)

P.5 DDD, Esterbrook bill signer - Major Correction:

As near as I can now tell there eight variations of the Esterbrook bill signer.  Measuring the “THE PRESIDENT – THE WHITE HOUSE” imprinting from the bottom of the vertical of the initial “T” to the end of the bottom horizontal line of the final “E”: 

What appear to be the earliest two variations have  33/34 millimeters long imprinting in either white or gold. 

Next in time are four variations, a 37mm long imprinting in dull gold or white and  39/40 millimeters long imprinting  in white or brown gold. 

The last two variations  have 43 millimeters long white, imprinting, with the placement of one of these two variations noticeably closer to the black nib holder then any of the other varieties.  It is claimed by some that there is another, ninth, variety having a golden white 43 millimeter long imprinting.  I had never seen the same and recently had my doubts somewhat confirmed when I took a close look at the 43 millimeter pen that I have used as a desk pen for some time.  When I began using this pen the imprinting was quite white, but I now see that hand wear over time has worn down the white paint, giving the imprinting a distinctly golden white cast.  My conclusion is that this supposed ‘golden white’ variation essentially involves nothing more then either a weak or worn coat of white paint, possibly in combination with the lighting source and/or background when the pen is viewed.

In terms of rarity, the shorter varieties are very much rarer then the 43 millimeters imprintings with the 33/34 & 37 millimeter imprintings apparently rarer then the 39/40 millimeter variety. 

The 43 millimeter imprintings with both placements have been definitely been found tied in very large number to the LBJ Administration and are not difficult to find.  The  39/40mm white imprinting variety has been found used by JFK and also by LBJ within a month of the assassination and thus most certainly came from the JFK pen supply.  Several  37mm and 39/40mm pens have been found that were used by  JFK.  The white  33/34 millimeters imprinting has been found tied to 1956 and 1958, i.e. the DDE Administration.  I have nothing to tie the gold 33/34 millimeters imprinting to any specific time.  All of this would suggest that the 33/34 mm variations are tied primarily to DDE with some overlap to JFK; the 37mm and 39/40mm variations are tied primarily to JFK with some overlap of the white 39/40 variation to LBJ; and the 43 millimeters variations are  tied only to LBJ.   (The overlaps occurring because of newly inaugurated presidents using their predecessors remaining supply of pens) 

However, while the foregoing is a nice, semi-tight package, it may be somewhat illusory.  For instance the while the Eisenhower Library reports having two white 33/34 millimeter long imprinted 1958 DDE bill signers and a 33/34 millimeters long imprinting (color unknown) attributed to a JFK bill signing, all consistent with the above,  it also reports  a 1959 billsigner with 43 millimeters long imprinting, and a 39/40 millimeters long imprinting both attributed to DDE's use.   I suspect that this is because it is likely that there has been an element of confusion introduced by donations to and cataloging by Presidential libraries from donators and archivists who simply did not realize that there are in fact imprinting variations with these pens.  Recently for instance a JFK Library Reference Librarian advised that the Esterbrook pens used from DDE to LBJ "are ALL exactly the same".

Note: I have also found this Esterbrook pen style engraved "UNITED STATES SENATOR" in light gold that appears to date to around the 39/40mm presidential variety or earlier.

Lastly, a work of warning, as rare as the shorter varieties are, the 43 millimeter variety is quite plentiful and until recently still available from the LBJ Library for about $50 (originally the Library sold them for $10).  According to the Library they originally had well over a thousand of the 43 millimeter variety from the LBJ White House.  About 5 years ago some one from the Washington DC area purchased most of them from the Library (which was when it raised its price for the remainder).  My experience has been that most of the supposed "JFK Bill Signers" (especially those offered by dealers, often for several hundreds of dollars) appear to be the LBJ 43 millimeter variety.

I have also seen that longer variety offered, sometimes with strong attestations as JFK administration pens, I am most skeptical of those claims as even granting the claimants the utmost integrity, it is remarkably easy to confuse the varieties or not recognize the differences between misplaced mementos.  For instance I think it likely that often as not JFK staffers to took an Esterbrook bill signer pen or two from the supply closet when they departed.  The problem is that due to the circumstances these staffers departed during the LBJ administration, often many months or years into it, and were undoubtedly unawares of the few millimeters difference in imprinting length. 


P.7 VP Nixon - New Variation:

image22.jpg (10432 bytes)  White barrel, green cap

  green barrel, white cap

  green barrel, black cap, clip engraved “autopoint”

  yellow barrel, blue cap

all imprinted in black block letters - Vice President Richard M. Nixon

NOTE: My article in STYLUS #1 (late 2003) covering all the JFK pens

image29.jpg (23511 bytes)

P8. JFK Inaugural - The Silvercraft filigree Inaugural pen has also been seen using a Parker torquoise Jotter.

P8 Another Silvercraft JFK Inaugural, solo ballpoint, maker unknown.


p.8 JFK - A Silvercaft filigree pencil using a torquoise Waterman pencil of the same type used in the Silvercraft/Waterman Inaugural set.  Filigree inscribed "From John F. Kennedy Jan.1961 G.Mennen Williams".  Michigan govenor G. Mennen Williams was an important supporter of JFK's election and was appointed by JFK as Assistant Secretary of State for Africa on January 30, 1961.  This pencil was most probably part of a pen & pencil set and given to Williams to commemorate either the Inauguration or his appointment as Assistant Secretary of State.  I believe the latter is the case given that the pencil is dated Jan. 1961 rather then Jan. 20 1961 like the Inaugural pieces, i.e. when the pen/pencil set was ordered it was known that Williams would be an appointee but the exact date of appointment was unknown.  I also suspect that similar sets were ordered for all the initial appointments.

P.8 JFK - Revised  Discussion of the Parker Ball Point Gift Pen: 

It had long been my understanding that the JFK 'give away' Parker "Jotter" ball point was the traditional push activated Jotter pictured at page 11 of the book, imprinted with JFK's signature below "THE WHITE HOUSE".   After all that's what everyone said, the Jotter is almost always found in that form and  the first Silvercraft, sterling wrapped filigree JFK presidential ball point used either  push activated Parker Jotters or  Sheaffers (see p. 9 of the book).   I  found further support in that conclusion from Neil Grauer's article on JFK pens in Pen World (volume 7 number 2) based on Robert White's collection, where he wrote:

    "One of the personalized Parker Arrow Clip ball-point pens that Kennedy liked to give out to White House visitors as souvenirs was found inside the president's desk on November 22, 1963.  Still sitting in its cardboard presentation case, it bears a facsimile of Kennedy's signature on the barrel, along with the presidential seal." (p. 44, emphasis added).

The push activated Jotter has an arrow clip (candidly I had forgotten about the reference to the "presidential seal" imprinting).  And I thought any question in my mind (for I knew of no one that felt otherwise) all but resolved when I received from the JFK Library a copy of a December 10, 1962  Evelyn Lincoln letter to Daniel Parker of The Parker Pen Company:

"The President asked me to thank you for your kindness in furnishing the T-Ball Jotter pens with the inscription on them for our use as presentations and mementos from his office." (emphasis added). 

It was then natural that I viewed  with skepticism Chris Hearn's assertion in the February, 1999 Hyannisporter (Vol. XXV, No 1- the Kennedy Political Items Collectors newsletter) to the effect that there never was an imprinted push activated Jotter in the Kennedy White House but rather that that was  a Kennedy Library / Parker innovation based on a cap activated Parker "45" (my model identification) delivered to the White House "early in 1963" bearing, in engraved form, the imprinting found on the later Library pen.  I knew of the "45" (see page 10 of the book) but in fact I recall the owner of the pen I picture in the book telling me how he was accused of harboring a 'Cinderella' precisely because it was not a push activated.  

I now believe that Mr. Hearn is more right then wrong, specifically that after the initial use of Silvercraft ball points for 'gift' pens, JFK briefly considered using the push activated Jotter for that purpose but settled instead upon the Parker "45" ball point.  

First, the actual pen JFK's desk described in the Neil Grauer came up for auction in the December 2005 Guernsey auction of the Robert White Collection, lot 643.  The pen in fact turns out to be a blue barreled Parker '45' ball point and in fact does not have a presidential seal but rather JFK's signature above "THE WHITE HOUSE".

Second, in the late 1950s and early 1960s in addition to the push activated Jotter, Parker marketed a number of cap activated ball point models that used the Jotter refill and included "Jotter" in their respective names, e.g. the V.I.P Jotter, the 61 Jotter, and the 45 Jotter, and each of those pens had arrow clips.   Thus each of those cap activated pens would fit the Evelyn Lincoln letter quoted above as easily as the commonly found push activated Jotter.  

Third, the use of the Jotter rather then a '45' by the JFK Library for its replica pen can be explained as simply a matter of cost and possibly availability -- the '45' was withdrawn from production some years ago and when the two were both available the Jotter was appreciably less expensive. 

Fourth, I know of only two  push activated 'Kennedy' Jotter that meet all the tests of a push activated Jotter produced in the early 1960s (see below as well as pages 11-12 of the book).  (This includes the Kennedy Library which advises that while it has some Esterbrook 'bill signers' it has no 'gift' pens of any sort whatsoever.)  On the other hand I know of several JFK '45's.  No doubt more of both variety exist but so far at least the comparative visibility is striking.

Given the foregoing I am now of the view that following the initial use of the Silvercraft ball point JFK settled upon using the Parker '45' ball point for his 'gift' pen but only after briefly considering using the Parker push activated Jotter.

p.10 JFK or LBJ? Parker 45 'Demonstrator' perhaps the first Parker 'bill signer' - I am advised (second hand) that a gentleman who worked as a Congressional Aide saw President LBJ sign a bill using the Parker '45'  'Demonstrator' with an eagle seal pictured at page 10 and then was given the pen by LBJ.   Thus we now know that notwithstanding the non-presidential seal it is a 'presidential' pen that entered the White House either during the JFK or the LBJ administration and at least had limited use by LBJ as a billsigner.  While I could not find out which bill or date of signing, it would seem probable that it occurred during the period LBJ was using the Esterbrook 'bill signer' and before he settled on the Parker Eversharp felt tip.  Thus while it has long been believed that the Parker Eversharp was the first of the Parker bill signers it now appears that that 'honor' belongs to the Parker 45 'Demonstrator'.

(Readers will note that ultimately much of the foregoing is premised on a second hand recollection however, I believe that recollection to be credible for the following reasons.  First, Parker '45' Demonstrators were produced  for only a brief time in the early 1960s, so if tied to a president that president must either be JFK or LBJ.  Second, the general, non political, non pen, dealer that sold me the pen was clearly unaware of that  for had he been so aware he would have most certainly also known that a Parker '45' Demonstrator regardless of political connection is quite collectable and worth at least four times what he asked of me.  Thus the tie to LBJ, rather to one of the other presidents, would seem to be from a true source rather then out of thin air.  Similarly, from the political side  he clearly was not trying to 'puff' the piece,  the price asked in of itself discounts that, and moreover, even the most unawares dealer in terms of political collectibles, knows that JFK items are far more collectable then LBJ items.  In short were he trying to 'puff' the piece the tie would have been claimed to JFK (or even Nixon or Carter or Reagan) with a much higher asking price.  Thus all and all while 'second hand' I find the report credible.)  

p. 9 JFK  - new Sheaffer/Silvercraft color & filigree & new Parker/Silvercraft filigree

The "JOHN F. KENNEDY" Silvercraft with a Sheaffer ball point is also found with a black plastic barrel and a filigreed jacket with the type of floral filigree design previously found on the Silvercraft Parker design. Also found is a black barreled Parker Jotter with the filigree design associated in the book with Sheaffer.

p. 9 JFK new Waterman/Silvercraft Pencil

A silver cap, blue barrel Waterman pencil with a Silvercraft sterling barrel wrapping with the following  cut out "From John F. Kennedy, Jan. 1961, G. Mennen Williams."

p. 10 The JFK Parker “45” ball point is also known with a blue barrel and silver imprinted signature above “THE WHITE  HOUSE” (as I have never actually seen the one in the book with a light grey barrel , it may be that it too has “THE WHITE HOUSE” imprinted beneath the signature.

p. 11 pictures (not mine) distinguishing the presidential JFK Jotter from the JFK Library version:

p. 11  Parker "45" Fountain Pen Desk Pen -- correction to text in book re: this pen, it as a fountain pen not a ball point and had a 'clipless' cap for storage.  It was packaged with a note advising how to store the pen as a momento.

JFK-Parker45deskpen.jpg (27933 bytes)


p.12 JFK/ Special Occations - New Pen

A Fisher ball point pen from the first JFK birthday in office (the Marlyn Monroe / Madison Square Garden birthday was the second in office).  Today such events would be planned out of the White House and the associated pen could be considered a special occation presidential pen, I assume such was the case in the JFK administration for this birthday.

Image15.jpg (12355 bytes)

Fisher  Ball Point: silver metal cap, black plastic barrel push ball point. Barrel imprinted in white on four  lines "PRESIDENT KENNEDY'S / BIRTHDAY DINNER / BEVERLY HILLS / MAY 22, 1961".

p. 15 LBJ - New 'bill signer' - see entry re: p. 10 Parker '45' Demonstrator, note that this Parker would seem to have preceded the LBJ Parker Eversharp as the first Parker 'bill signer'.

p.15 LBJ - New Box (for Esterbrook Bill Signer?)

A new LBJ box white cardboard 7" long, imprinted with seal and signature.  It is not at all clear what pen is to be housed in this box, but I believe that it is in fact a prototype box for the Esterbrook desk pen bill signer made up in 1965.  The box is  too long to attractively hold the Parker - Eversharp bill signer (or the Scripto "200" or Esterbrook silvercaped felt tips) but  fits the longer Esterbrook desk pen quite well.  In addition the box signature differs from that used on the Parker boxes.  I suspect that this box was suggested as away of 'dressing up' the Esterbrook rather then shifting to the Parker - Eversharp.

  image19.jpg (4907 bytes)

p. 21 LBJ

15.lbj.jpg (32595 bytes)

'window' Jotter, red barrell, silver cap, gold clip --"The White House / Washington / With Best Wishes / LBJ signature "

 p.21 LBJ

lbj-pres.jpg (19081 bytes)

 Ritepoint, green plastic with gold/silver metal band, silver presidential seal and LBJ signature

  p.21 LBJ

Blue BIC ball point imprinted in white PRESIDENT AND MRS. JOHNSON

p. 21 - LBJ/ Special Occasions - New Pen:

Esterbrook Fountain Pen: silver metal cap, blue plastic barrel fountain pen. Barrel imprinted on two lines "FROM THE WHITE HOUSE STAFF / CHRISTMAS 1964".

image30.jpg (13213 bytes)

p 21 LBJ/HHH - new HHH pen?

Scripto "200" Felt Tip: black plastic barrel, light gold aluminum removable cap with gold aluminum trim.  Barrel is imprinted gold with vice presidential seal.  This pen but for the imprinting is identical to the Pres LBJ Scripto '200'.  I believe it was an HHH pen but possibly it could have been a VP LBJ pen.

p.22 LBJ/ Family - New ballpoint pens:

The bottom pen is the last pen show on page 23 of  the book, but now we know the name of the manufacturer, US Pencil Co.  The top pen is by the same manufacturer and is a new find.  It should be noted that one or more of the Lady Bird Johnson pens may date to her husband's Vice Presidential years.

Image16.jpg (10441 bytes)

p.22 LBJ/ Family - New Luci Bains ball point (also known in lime green):


US Pencil Co. Ball Point: All gold metal ball point. Barrel imprinted with "MRS LYNDON B. JOHNSON" either in block letters or as a signature.

p.28 A Balllograf epoca black plastic ball point pen imprinted in gold on the lower barrel with the presidential seal, Nixon signature and "PRESIDENT RICHARD NIXON"

p. 28  Nixon  - “Parker 75 classic desk set”ball point stand.

Parker Ball Point Stand:  Gold tone metal ball point 'cube' stand inset with a gold Presidential seal plaque and a gold plaque embossed "With best whishes Richard Nixon" similar to the silver VP Bush cube stand but while the same size the Nixon is much heavier and the plaques are smaller.  The Nixon cube came in a white presentation box with a centered seal and RMN signature to the right.  A similar prototyp Nixon cube is also known with a full color seal on the front a a rectangular blue plaque on the back.

03.NixonCubes.jpg (12344 bytes)

p. 29  RMN 'best wishes' prototypes

04.Nixonbestwishes.jpg (35169 bytes)

a) all gold color metal Parker Jotter ball pen and pencil set, & b) taitanium "T1" ball pen.  All engraved "Best Wishes 1972" above RMN signature & presentented in a wide, shallow black presentation box with silver color trim and embossed in silver with a centered seal and RMN signature to the right.   These were Parker salesman samples presented to the White House for consideration but apparently never used.

P. 29 / 36 / 42  Nixon / Ford / Carter  'Big Red' prototypes

12.45s.jpg (28680 bytes)

Parker salesman 'Big Red' samples engraved "The White House" above the presidential signature  presented to the White House for consideration but apparently never used - from top to bottom: orange and blue Gerald Ford, orange Nixon, and orange and green Carter.

p.29 Nixon: a gold Fisher 'space pen' imprinted in black with Nixon's signature. Also in silver imprinted in black with "With best wishes" above Nixon's signature.

p.29  Nixon/Agnew:  A black barreled Agnew "45" has also been seen in a fountain pen configuration with a silver cap and gold trim.

image27.jpg (23608 bytes)

image34.jpg (9902 bytes)

p. 30 Nixon/Agnew:  The Agnew Venus Ball Point is also found with a red barrel/gold imprinting in the signature only version and  in a white barrel with green imprinting  and blue barrel with black imprinting with both signature and VP seal..

p. 31 Nixon/Ford (or possibly Nixon/Agnew or Ford/Rockefeller): 

image25.jpg (3441 bytes)

Unknown Maker (probably autopoint), all silver color metal push activated ball point imprinted in blue with the old 'wings down' VP seal.

p. 35 Ford - Bill Signer as Fountain Pen

The Parker 45 Ford Bill Signer has also been found configured as a fountain pen.


image36.jpg (8511 bytes)

p. 36 Ford - Special Bill Signer

A blue Finesse roller ball (non refillable) imprinted in white on 5 lines with the seal of the American Law Enforcement Officers Association, "THE WHITE HOUSE /  Washington, D. C.  29 September 1976 / Gerald Ford, President of the United States / signed the Public Safty Officers Bill  H.R. 366".  This appears to be a special bill signing pen prepared for a 'mass gathering' media event bill signing.  If so it would be unique on two counts, first it is apparently the only  'Presidential Pen' specially imprinted for a specific bill signing, and second, it is apparently the only Presidential 'bill signer imprinted with the seal of a private organization.

p. 36 Ford – New Gift Pen Pencil Set

A Gerald R. Ford Presidential mechanical pencil and presentation case. Presidential logo and name on top of case. Wood grain pen body and gold plated trim. Ford's name carved into barrel. Presidential seal on pocket clip. Measures approx. 5" long. Case contained only a pencil. No pen was included but I strongly suspect it was originally there .

p. 36 Ford - Parker "75""Keepsake" Fountain Pen.   [no pic] A Parker '75' sterling silver fountain pen, smooth finish, engraved in blue with presidential seal and Ford signature.  Auctioned at a Chicago Pen Show circa 2000.  Parker  reserved the smooth finished sterling silver "Keepsake" 75 for special occations such as Treaty signings where only a handful were produced.

p. 41 Carter 'bill signer' prototype

07.Carter.jpg (35210 bytes)

Parker salesman Carter 'bill signer' sample presented to the White House for consideration but apparently never used - Systemark in 'peanut' brown imprinted in gold with "THE WHITE HOUSE" about JCs signature & a dark brown presentation box trimed in brass color and imprinted with the presidential seal.  A similar prototype is an all silver Systemark but imprinted only with JC's signature in black.

p. 42 Carter ?? - USS Sequoia Ball Ball Point

image37.jpg (9591 bytes)

A silver colored Garland ball point with a brown monocolored USS Sequoia Presidential Seal 'cap stone' "SEQUOIA" is engraved on the barrel.  The USS Sequoia presidential yacht was decommissioned during the Carter administration so if this pen is indeed a 'presidential' then it would date to the Carter administration (or possibly Ford or Nixon).  However, Garland pens do not otherwise appear as presidential pens or in this style until the Bush administration which suggests that this pen may in fact have been a 'contributor' give away during one of the private campaigns to refit the yacht.

P. 43  Carter/Mondale - ballpoint

(autopoint) ball point - all silver tone ball point imprinted with black Walter Mondale Signature.

P. 89  Carter/Mondale Inaugural  - Parker Big Red ballpoint

carterinaugal.jpg (7485 bytes)

Parker Big Red  ball point - "Presidential Inauguration / Jimmy Carter - Walter Mondale / 20 January 1977"

p. 47 Reagan prototypes

08.ReaganArrrows.jpg (32303 bytes)

Parker salesman Parker "Arrow" and one "45" samples  presented to the White House for consideration but apparently never used. The "Arrow" samples are imprinted with a seal and signature a) in white for the ball pen and pencils in the left column and b) in gold for the pencil and bottom two ball pens in the right column.  The Systemark, second to the top in the right column is imprinted in white with Reagan's signature only.

p.48 Reagan prototypes

05.Reagan75Plaques.jpg (22334 bytes)

Parker salesman 75 'Keepsake' sterling silver fountain and ball pen samples with gold plaques engraved with the presidential seal and signature signature  presented to the White House for consideration but apparently never used.

p.49 Reagan

same as unknown manufacturere at page 49 but with silver push rather then a black cap twist

p. 51 Reagan 'Big Red' new color

Parker 'Big Red' ball point, all ivory with gold Ronald Reagan Signature (note this is the same signature used on the Reagan Jotters & not the signature used on the blue Big Reds).

p51 Reagan Parker Premier prototype

11.ReaganPremire.jpg (53884 bytes)

Parker salesman Premier fountain pen sample imprinted with Reagan signature   presented to the White House for consideration but apparently never used. 

p.52 the blue barrel Reagan Vector is known with a blue cap as well as a silver one.

reaganbluevector.jpg (19089 bytes)

p. 53 Reagan assignation ballpoint: a (long) gold metal cap and blue plastic barrel ball point with the cap imprinted in blue “Thanks for your prayers / Ronald Reagan Signature / George Washington Univ. Hospital / March – April 1981”  The clip is imprinted “Lipic”

p. 53 Reagan ballpoint: grey green with signature and seal, unknown maker.


p. 53 Reagan ballpoint, billsigner?: a black plastic barrel, gold metal cap Alexander ballpoint with “Ronald Reagan Signature ” imprinted in gold on barrel , a color photo of Reagan on the cap top and “Alexander [A]” on the clip.  Normally, I would suspect that this is post presidential but reportedly, second hand,  Reagan as President used it to sign a bill and then gave it as a gift.  If so given the pen model it this would probably have been later in the second term.

p.53 Reagan/post presidential commercial:  A slightly different post presidential commercial Reagan ballpoint apparently sold at the Reagan Library or "Home":

image20.jpg (7295 bytes)

p. 53 Reagan/post presidential commercial:  Another post presidential commercial Reagan ballpoint with a wood barrel & cap and a wood presentation box:

image21.jpg (10796 bytes)

p.55  Reagan/ Bush - New VP Bush ballpoint pen & stand:

Image14.jpg (7924 bytes)

Parker "75 classic desk set" Ball Point & stand: steel  barrel with black plastic  trim and square steel base stand, ball point desk pen & stand. Stand impressed with metal  vice presidential seal on one side and George Bush signature on other side.

p.55 Reagan Parker 75 ballpen desk stand., silver with gold seal and "WITH BEST WISHED [signature]"

reaganpenholder1.jpg (28397 bytes)reaganpenholder2.jpg (21057 bytes)

p.55  Reagan/ Bush - New VP Bush 'bill signer' variety :

Image14.jpg (7924 bytes)

Parker "Systemark " Multi Point: silver cap, blue plastic cap tab & barrel, with 'middle size' silver  imprinting, the seal being 14mm in diameter and the signature being 19mm long.  In addition to the size difference, the imprinting is noticably further down on the barrel.

p. 58 Reagan / Bush - New VP Bush 'parker vector' color

an all blue, as opposed to all white, Parker "Vector" with the small VP seal and signature - found in the maroon VP Parker box (p. 56 ii) with the correct "Vector" insert.

p.59 Reagan/Bush - VP Bush parker Jotter also known in white barrel with blue imprinting prototype from Gibb estate

p.60 Nancy Reagan

18.NancyReagan.jpg (22471 bytes)

Arrow, all gold, imprinted with Nancy Reagan signature; 'Pucci', silver with   gold,band  imprinted with Nancy Reagan signature; and Jotter red barrel,, imprinted with Nancy Reagan signature; 

p.89 1981 Reagan/Bush  Inaugural Cross goldplated ball pen and pencil set in a brown leatherette box, the ball pen and pencil have an inaugural plaque attached to clip, the box has a gold inaugural seal on the top.

reaganinaug.jpg (43345 bytes)

p 89 1985 Reagan/ Bush Inauguration

13.Inaug85.jpg (25206 bytes)

Vector ball pen, stars (cap) and stripes (barrel) with silver trip, barrel imprinted in balck with Reagan signature over "Inauguration 20 January 1985" over Bush signature.  White presentation box with gold trip imprinted with seal over Reagan's signature on left, seal over Bush signature on right and in the middle "PRESIDENTIAL / INAGURATION / The time is now, my fellow Americans to recapture our destiny, to take it ino our  .... Together let us make a new beginning ....

p. 62  Bush prototype

17.Bush.jpg (28175 bytes)

Parker saleman glossy black Insignia ball pen & pencil sample imprinted in gold with Bush signature and seal. presented to White House for consideration but apparently never used.

p. 65 Bush/post presidential commercial:  In the same style as the post presidential commercial Reagan ballpoint, this post presidential, commercial Bush piece is a with a wood barrel & cap ball point inscribed with President Bush's signature in a wood presentation box inscribed with the same signature and presidential seal :

P. 69 1989 Xmas at the White House set including a 6" white rule & a white eraser each imprinted in red "Chistmas at The White House 1989", a pencil sharpner and four cedar pencils (one each in gold, blue, green and red) imprinted with Barbara Bush's signature.

P. 69 Barbara Bush Parker “Jotter” ball point is also known in white with blue imprinted signature.

newbarbraBush.jpg (17297 bytes)

P. 69 Barbara Bush Parker “Jotter” ball point  in all 'gun metal' with silver imprinted signature on cap.

p. 67 Quayle VP

06.Quayl.jpg (29472 bytes)

Parker salesman Classic ball pen samples presented to Quayle for consideration, may not have actually used.   Left ball pen imprinted in white with seal over signature; top right ball pen imprinted in gold with seal over signature; middle right ball pen imprinted in white with seal over signaure; bottom right pen imprinted in gold with signature over "Vice-President of the United States".  Left presentation box, large letherette imprinted in white with seal only.

p.71  a mat black “William J. Clinton” & seal Insignia ball point and pencil set in a seal only insignia box.  This is the first actual ball point/pencil set I have seen.

p.72 Clinton prototype

10.ClintonGoldInsig.jpg (29730 bytes)

Parker salesman all gold color metal Insignia samples presented to the White House for consideration but do not appear to be used.  From top to bottom: ball pen imprinted BILL CLINTON;  ball pen imprinted WILIAM J CLINTON; bottom ball pen & pencil imprinted "President William J Clinton, United States of America".

p. 73 Clinton prototypes

16.Clinton.jpg (27184 bytes)

Parker salesman samples presented to the White House for consideration but apparently not used - from top to bottom: black Vector with gold trim imprinted with seal over 'Bill' signature; Frontier fountain pen imprinted with seal over 'William' signature; and   blue ball point imprinted with seal over 'Bill' signatue.

p.77  Gold tone Cross ‘Townsend’ Pen and Pencil – push/twist activated with Bill Clinton signature and a presidential seal plaque affixed to clip.


p. 78  Parker Jotter ball pen with silver cap, blue barrel imprinted with Pres Seal and Bill Clinton sig

p.80 Clinton - new mid second term gift pen (4 varieties)

Cross Ball Point: all black or gold metal ball point imprinted on the barrel with Bill Clinton signature (yellow on black or black on gold) and with either a brushed gold & black metal Presidential seal or a multi colored Presidential seal affixed to the clip.  Dark green leather grained plastic Presentation Box imprinted in gold with Bill Clinton signature.  A matching pencil is also known in the all black, gold & black metal seal style.

image31.jpg (74892 bytes)

p. 87 Clinton - New Late Second Term (?) Pen:

(autopoint) ball point: all gold tone ball point with black Bill Clinton signature.  This pen together with a similar Gore silvertone appeared in quantity on the market shortly following the election of GWBush in '01, neither the Gore nor the Clinton pens of this type had been known, heard, or suspected of prior to that appearance.  Accordingly, there is a reasonable possibility that this pen was never actually used in the White House. 


 p.80 Clinton - commercial

It would appear that towards the end of his second term the blue Sheaffer commercial pen with the Bill Clinton signature and white house picture were sometimes given away at official fund raisers.

p. 81 early Clinton Marine 1 pen set

image32.jpg (14828 bytes)

A Garland ballpoint and pencil pen set with a red plastic barrel, silver metal cap and multi color eagle seal cap top.  Barrel imprinted "Welcome Aboard Marine One".  (also known with a light blue plastic barrel)

p. 81 Cinton/ Other - New Pen:

Image18.jpg (8423 bytes)

Unknown Manufacturer  Ball Point: all black pen with gold trim ball point.  Barrel imprinted in gold with the presidential seal and "PRESIDENTIAL / HELICOPTER/ SQUADRON".


p. 81 Cinton/ Other - New Pen:


Unknown Manufacturer  Ball Point: all black pen with gold trim ball point.  Barrel imprinted in gold with "PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES / AIR FORCE ONE".

p. 86 Clinton/ Gore - Commercial? - the 'Unknown Manufacturer Ball Point' at the bottom of page 86 is a Commercial pen (or at least a very similar one is  now available commercially).

p. 87 Clinton/ Gore - New VP Gore Pen:

Parker "Vector" Multi Point: black plastic barrel with silver metal trim, cap removable roller ball or ball point. Barrel imprinted in silver on two lines with vice presidential seal and Al Gore signature.

p. 87 Clinton/ Gore - New VP Gore Pens:

A boxed silver Coss ball point imprinted with Al Gore signature & silver & black VP seal plaque on clip in black presentation box imprinted in gold with Al Gore signature

Also reportedly there is a black Cross ball point imprinted with Gore's signature and silver & black VP seal plaque on clip.

p. 87 Gore Prototypes

09.Gore.jpg (26738 bytes)

Parker salesman samples presented to VP Gore for consideration but apparently not used. black Frontier fountain pen imprinted in white with seal over VP signature and three Jotters white, black and blue, the first two imprinted with VP signature only and the bottom blue Jotter imprinted with seal over VP signature.

p. 87 Clinton/ Gore - New VP Gore Pen:

(autopoint) ball point: all silver tone ball point with black Al Gore signature.  This pen together with a similar Clinton goldtone appeared in quantity on the market shortly following the election of GWBush in '01, neither the Gore nor the Clinton pens of this type had been known, heard, or suspected of prior to that appearance.  Accordingly, there is a reasonable possibility that this pen was never actually used in the White House. 

p. 87 Clinton/ Gore - New VP Gore Air Force II Pen:

(unkown) ball point: black  twist activated ball point with gold trim.  VP seal & “WELCOME ABOARD AIR FORCE TWO” .

p. 87 Clinton/Families - New Pens

Parker Insignia Ball Point , bronze with gold trim, imprinted on cap with Hillary Rodham Clinton signature .  This pen was given to a British family by Hillary in a Presidential seal only Insignia Presentation box (see p.71) early in the first Clinton term.  It appears from that that early in the first term Parker made up some sample pens for Hillary and that while she decided not to order any she did use the few received as gift pens.

image26.jpg (7354 bytes)

Kwik-Klik Ball Point:  maroon metal ball point.   Barrel imprinted in gold on two lines with Hillary Rodham Clinton signature and "THE WHITE HOUSE" .  Gift from latter part of second term.

P88. JFK Inaugural - The Silvercraft filigree Inaugural pen has also been seen using a Parker turquoise Jotter.

P90.Clinton 1993 Inaugural - New & Only Known Pen:

image35.jpg (6509 bytes)

A maroon Kwik-Klik ball point imprinted in gold with the Inaugural Seal and "1993" below.  This is the only known first term Clinton inaugural pen.

p.90 Cinton Inaugural - note pad & pencil

silver tone notepad & pencil , note pad cover engraved with Inaugural seal and 1997 below

p. 91.  Clinton, '93  Inaug Pencils - note that the pencils shown in the book are for the '93 Inaugural.

p. 91 Clinton/Gore '97 Inaugural Pencils

black cedar pencils of unknown manufacture each imprinted with gold '97 Inaugural seal and either gold Bill Clinton Signature or gold Al Gore Signature

p.96 Senate Clinton Impeachment "Untied" Pen and corrected version -  Parker "Vector" Multi Point: black plastic barrel with silver metal trim, cap removable roller ball or ball point. Barrel imprinted in silver "Untied [sic] States Senator" ; corrected pen barrel imprinted in silver "United States Senator"..


Misc Protoypes

01.vpduafold.jpg (31016 bytes)

Parker salesman duofold samples presented to either the Bush or Clinton White House for consideration but apparently not used:  green marble or black International Duafold fountain or ball pens with presidential or VP seal on top of cap, presented in a wood presentation case with a presential or vice presidential seal centered on top.

1999 John C. Loring